Services Available   
I am a visionary artist with over 40 years of experience in creating dynamic features and environments. Passion for design moves me to integrate light, color, movement, glass, metal, architecture, and even water for those who wish to experience beautiful and visionary bursts of energy in their surroundings. 

I can offer ideas, skills, visions and real world experience to design for your interior or exterior environment. I call "architectural jewelry".

  • dimensional dynamic areas
  • sculpture or sculptural accents to existing areas
  • stained glass features
  • sculptures 
  • three dimensional light features

I can provide ideas as a consultant, or design and supervise the entire process, from creation to reality.   I also design homes and additions; my work was recently featured in American Craft magazine and the article can be viewed here.  All focus on light in varying ways, and I especially enjoy integrating “liquid light” in the form of water to make a project rich in movement, color and dynamic space.  If your world can benefit from the vision that you see in my work, please contact me at:

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